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20.5 Inch Smoker

Whether you’re a beginner grill enthusiast or the king of backyard chefs, no grilling repertoire is complete without the Sunlifer 20.5 Inch Combo Smoker. This little-big fellow can go from full sized smoking machine to a portable charcoal grill with a quick flip of the toggle latches. The three tiered; stacking chambers make it just that easy.  The heavy gauge porcelain enameled body circulates the smoke around the food imparting the delicate smoke flavour into meats, cheeses, and anything else you can think of to smoke.

  • 3 in 1 Grill and Smoker

  • Dual Chambers

  • Heavy gauge black lid and bowl

  • Multiple Vents

  • Bottom Vent Controller

 Like any other craft, smoking anything takes patience and practice, of course. Using the sliding air vents located at the top and bottom of the you can control the burn rate and temperature of the coals, as per your needs.

The temperature gauge with rust free air vents gives you the ability to monitor the temperature. When you notice that your heat or smoke levels are dropping, you don’t have to disassemble the whole grill, just pop open the easy access doors and add your charcoal or wood chips.

Smoke up to 3 racks of ribs, a large pork shoulder, and a whole chicken at once using all three tiers of the Charcoal Grill Smoker. Two 20.5 inch cooking grids give you a large area to work with. The comes with a charcoal basket that elevates the lit charcoal off the bowl of the providing more even heating and easier lighting.


The water pan can hold water, beer, you name it, and will add steam to your smoked delicacies, keeping them moist. Smoke fish and sausages, ribs and more with the 5 included meat hooks. Hang your favorite foods from the lid of the Smoker, there’s enough room to hang up to a pretty long fish! 

Designed with 2 cooking grills, this versatile BBQ grill is fantastic for catering for outdoor dining as you can cook larger quantities in one go. For those times when you don't wish to smoker-style your food, you can use the traditional grill, and if you fancy a mixture, then the 2 grills can work together side by side, one cooking smoker style food and the other non smoker style! Fantastic! With front and base storage stoves, it is easy to keep your condiments, cutlery and food prepping items neatly.